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Tom and Lucy
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15th-Jul-2014 02:03 pm - Community
VM Mac Weevil
Just making sure this comm stays alive for whoever wants to read what's here.
15th-Jul-2010 12:15 pm - Posting so we don't get purged
VM Mac Weevil
Posting so we don't get purged
24th-Mar-2008 11:42 pm - Join now!
(Bates Motel) Norman.
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2nd-Feb-2008 10:21 pm - LJ News
VM Mac Weevil
Hi comm,

The mod of only_nicky just brought to my attention something new that livejournal is doing. Apparently they are scanning public posts and re-posting them to the "Explore" part of lj. If you don't want this to happen, click the link before for explanations on how to opt-out.

The problem is that communities cannot opt out. So technically any post in this comm that isn't f-locked can be put in explore. People are already complaining so I'm hoping the lj people will change this soon. Until that happens, if you don't want your writings re-posted opt out and your own journal and then link your fics, etc to the comm instead of posting them directly in the comm.

I don't mean to freak anyone out here, just wanted to let you know what was going on so you could protect your writings, etc.

LJ New Post

Mod (Scoob2222)
5th-Oct-2007 10:33 pm - Open Call
Castle ✭ Castle/Beckett Graveyard
I'm sorry for those of you that saw the first announcement for this, but we've found ourselves a few authors short. So any writers interested in participating in fantasy_studio please go here
22nd-May-2007 11:21 pm - Admin Post
VM Mac Weevil
Hey comm,

Just wanted to drop by with a warning and link. I'm not sure if any of you were contacted by a site called Fanlib (I was) about posting your fics on the website. I choose not to, which I'm glad about because it now turns out that the site strips your rights, makes money off of you, and worse.

paynesgrey has put together a bunch of links about fanlib HERE. I would encourage you to read it if you have fics there or are considering posting fics there.
31st-Mar-2007 08:13 pm - Kissing Challenge
VM Mac Weevil
Just wanted to let you guys know about an awesome weekend challenge. All the rules arer there, but basically its a whole bunch of prompts and you write a kiss in a small, comment size, ficlet. There are several Studio 60 prompts...so check it out.

You've been a Kissing Fool
14th-Feb-2007 04:09 pm - Studio Couples
Castle ✭ Castle/Beckett Graveyard
[21] Studio 60


@ my icon journal
VM Mac Weevil
Feel Free To Discuss tonight's episode here.

Obviously you can discuss anything that happened in ep 1x15 (The Friday Night Slaughter) but DO NOt post spoilers for future episodes in your comments to this post.
5th-Feb-2007 10:21 pm - Episode Discussion Post
VM Mac Weevil
Here's the place to disucss tonight's episode--The Harriet Dinner Part II.
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